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Do you put the cart back when you're done grocery shopping?

Welcome to Kelli's Corner!

Kelli Jones '13, Executive Director, LEADERship Ashtabula County - Post #1

For this first post, I’ll be using this hashtag I saw by recent graduate, Magistrate Elizabeth Tekevac. When you see her out and about in the community, and she shares what’s happening, she’ll use that hashtag. It’s a leadership trait I firmly believe in the power it has to inspire others. To first inspire others, you must treat others how you want to be treated and you must act to inspire others.

I thought of it this evening at the grocery store with my daughter. Seven and headstrong since before birth, she is determined for things to go a certain way. She was so persistent last fall, we now pick up trash along our road and by the railway tracks because it’s up to us to save the earth. That determination was in full swing this evening as we had to pick up dog food from the store. As we’re bringing the cart back to the area to place the carts back – she sees other carts out. We parked in the way back (perks of driving my husband’s truck) and there were quite a few carts just floating out in the waaay back. She wanted to gather them all up. It’s in that moment where it would be so easy (and quicker) to say no and that we had to rush back home. The reality is that we could use a few extra minutes to gather up those carts. I was reminded of that lesson in how you can tell a lot about a person in what they do when no one is looking and so we took a few minutes to gather up the extra carts and talk about it and I’m hoping to inspire that lesson in her, and in others. In true style for my seven year old – she commented about how “people can be stupid to not put their carts back” (I’m working with empathy on her, hahaha) but I don’t want to be the one to make rushing from one place to the other more important then just taking a few extra minutes to help someone out.

So for this first post, do you put the cart back when you’re done grocery shopping? Do you pick up trash you see laying around? I’ll admit I hate picking up trash the most – but it’s sooo needed! What are some things you do quietly and in the background of your everyday lives that goes unnoticed but in a way you’re inspiring others around you to act in that same positive manner? I’ll never forget walking around with someone and every time they saw trash they picked it up. Just think about the small moments that can have lasting impacts on others – make them positive moments. Be a leader by example and inspiring others in your everyday lives.

Stay tuned for more!


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