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Our commitment to enhancing civic infrastructure by encouraging, educating, and inspiring individuals of all ages throughout the county would not be possible without the continued support of our trustees.

LEADERship has a small group of Trustees for Civic Infrastructure who provide an annual investment critical to the ongoing success of our program.  Each investment goes directly to participant programming and results in people taking on leadership roles in the community. LEADERship in turn banners the names of the Trustee organizations on LEADERship publications and materials.

As is almost always the case with education, tuition for the class year does not cover the cost of the program. The support from the Trustees for Civic Infrastructure allows LEADERship to keep tuition at an affordable price to maintain the diversity we seek.

That also allows us to maintain the growing network of leaders who are working individually and collectively to strengthen our communities.


LEADERship Ashtabula County salutes our Trustees for Civic Infrastructure who have invested in the development of people ready to make things happen.

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